Partnership Approach

Submission of a Doctoral Network

The International Group of the MATEX ARD aims, in the year 2023, to submit a Doctoral Network project.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Network

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Doctoral Networks implement doctoral training programs based on partnerships established by universities, research institutes, research infrastructures, businesses, and other European and international socio-economic actors.

Within these networks, young researchers will be recruited and offered European research training to develop skills that will enhance their innovation potential and employability.

We propose to bring together strength and expertise in various areas of materials under extreme conditions by developing efficient and sustainable multifunctional processes, meeting the needs of innovation while respecting the challenges of sustainable development.

The project submitted in November 2023 is the SCREENER project, "Understanding Surfaces and Interfaces in multimaterials for energy-efficient disruptive technologies and processes in Europe."

The CNRS is designated as the leader, coordinator of this project, and will represent the MATEX laboratories for France.

At this stage of the project, around fifteen partners, distributed in about ten countries, are interested in the project and will be divided into two statuses:


Who hire doctoral students, award the degree, and sign consortium agreements. Associated partners

Associated partners

Who are European companies or other academic partners who can host doctoral students for a few months, or who participate in the cross-cutting training component, or who bring specific expertise to doctoral students.

One of the main objectives of the SCREENER project is to understand, design, and control surfaces and interfaces for and/or with energy-efficient disruptive technologies.

Screener MSCA Doctoral Network

SCREENER brings together 10 European countries through 7 beneficiaries who will supervise 10 ESR programs with 8 associated partners and 4 companies. They will all contribute to this ambitious project through the training program and by helping to solve tomorrow's scientific and technological challenges. Building the DN Consortium

Consortium du DN en construction

Consortium du DN en construction


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