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What are we talking about?


Multimaterials are combinations of materials of different natures, on the nano, micro or macroscopic scale, enabling them to combine several properties, making them multifunctional and therefore innovative for many sectors of activity.

Extreme conditions

These are the conditions under which these multi-materials are developed or used, and include high or low temperatures and pressures, reactive gaseous or liquid media, corrosive or oxidizing environments, plasmas, and so on.

Multi-material solutions are based on:

Elaboration processes

Design/formulation, development and diagnosis of low-cost and economical manufacturing processes, eco-design, chemical/physical modification of surfaces/interfaces for new functionalities.

Extreme conditions of use

Use beyond the usual limits, under coupled stresses, operando and in situ diagnostics, performance evaluation and prediction of usage properties.

Consideration of durability and recyclability

Evolution and reliability over time, substitute materials, resource optimization and circular economy.

16 research projects

were selected under 4 main scientific themes:

Polymer and carbon-based multimaterials: structure, properties, bio-sourced components and regeneration

Multicomponent coatings of metals and/or ceramics and performance under extreme conditions

Materials under stress in extreme conditions

Development of specific instrumentation

These scientific projects are carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners, focusing on multimaterials under extreme conditions.


research laboratories


non-academic partners


industrial project partners

Instrumental facilities: an opportunity for collaboration and partnership

Industrials have expressed the need for access to cutting-edge experimental resources: MATEX is making it possible with an instrumental park based on the latest-generation equipment available in MATEX partner laboratories and structures, benefiting from their unique support and expertise.  

The aim is to provide privileged access to research tools for academic and socio-economic partners. It will also enable us to respond to issues relating to multimaterials under extreme conditions, by implementing multidisciplinary and coupled approaches based on the full range of expertise brought together in the MATEX ARD.

Find out more about our range of instruments, and initiate new collaborations and partnerships to meet your needs.



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Review of the Club Meeting on June 13, 2023

The meeting of the Industrial Club of the MATEX ARD took place on June 13, 2023, in Tours.

We started the day with a visit to the Center for Studies and Research on Elastomer Materials (CERMEL). This visit allowed us to explore the facilities and research activities conducted by CERMEL. We had the opportunity to learn more about their expertise in elastomer materials.

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Building for tomorrow: from bio-based materials to high-tech materials

Lecturers and PhD students from the civil engineering team of the Gabriel Lamé Laboratory (LaMé) at the University of Orléans and Polytech Orléans took part in the "Construction for Tomorrow" training session organized by the Maison pour la Science as part of the MATEX ARD on June 01, 2023.

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Focus on a partner: S2E2

There was around a hundred members and energy stakeholders gathered at the General Assembly of the S2E2 cluster in June 2023 in Angers. The study of materials under extreme conditions is a major challenge for industries in chemistry, energy, transportation, nuclear, and more.

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The MATEX team: Maëva Lemée, work-study apprentice

"I'm coming to the end of my adventure on the MATEX program, an absorbing and formative experience. This work-study year has been short but significant."

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