Laboratories MATEX

The Centre-Val de Loire region boasts a number of "academic" research centers: the CNRS, the universities of Orléans and Tours, and the INSA Centre Val de Loire, all of which have a very high level of scientific and technical expertise in the field of multimaterials. The MATEX project brings together 9 laboratories from these organizations, ensuring the complementarity of their academic skills. A strong regional specificity lies in its ability to design, develop, test and study material combinations for operation under "extreme" conditions.

CEMHTI, Extreme Conditions and High Temperature and Irradiation Materials

  • Nano and functional Materials: from synthesis to applications
  • (Vitro) ceramics and refractories
  • Materials, magnetic resonance
  • Optics, thermal radiation and transport
  • Defects, impurities and radiotracers

GREMAN, Research Group in Materials, Microelectronics, Acoustics and Nanotechnologies

  • Functional oxides for energy efficiency
  • Ultrasonic devices and characterization
  • Magnetic and optical properties of ferroic materials with correlations
  • Energy, components, systems, microelectronics

Gremi, Research Group on the Energetics of Ionized Media

  • Plasma and laser processes for the environment, health and safety, digital and industrial transition
  • Synthesis and treatment of materials by plasma or laser processes, development of devices or sensors

ICARE, Institute of Combustion, Aerothermics, Reactivity and Environment

  • Combustion and reactive systems
  • Atmosphere and environment
  • Space propulsion & high-speed flows

ICMN, Interfaces, Confinement, Materials and Nanostructures

  • Nanostructured and Confined Systems
  • Functional carbons: Environment; BioMaterials

ISTO, Orleans Institute of Earth Sciences

  • Continental Biogeosystems
  • Porous media
  • Magna
  • Metallogeny
  • Geodynamics

LaMé, Gabriel Lamé Mechanics Laboratory

  • Mechanics, Materials and Processes
  • Dynamics Interactions Vibrations Structures
  • Civil Engineering

PCM2E, Physico-Chemistry of Materials and Electrolytes for Energy

  • Electrolytes, membranes and electrode materials for energy storage
  • Organic semiconductors and nanostructured materials
  • Ionic Liquids

PRISME, Pluridisciplinary Research Laboratory, Systems Engineering, Energetic Mechanics

  • Fluid Energy Combustion Propulsion
  • Image Robotics Automation Signal