Instrumental Park

The objective of the instrumental park is to structure and facilitate access to cutting-edge experimental techniques available in laboratories or with partners. The ambition is to establish an innovative regional R&D platform, bringing together teams of highly qualified scientific specialists and equipment for the development, characterization, and study of the behavior of multimatériaux under extreme conditions.

of materials under extreme conditions

Synthesis, processing, shaping at high temperature, pressure, or laser, etc.

Examples: Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS), arc additive manufacturing, furnaces, etc. Coatings, surface treatment, and nanomaterials using plasma, laser, (electro)chemical processes, CVD, etc.

Coatings, surface treatment, and nanomaterials through plasma, laser, (electro)chemical, CVD processes, etc.

Examples: Plasma etching, inkjet printers, spin coating, dip coating, vapor phase deposition, electrodeposition, etc.

Behavior, structures, and properties under extreme conditions of multimaterials Performance in harsh environments, reactive gas/liquid media

Resistance in severe environments, reactive gaseous/liquid media

Examples: Explosion test bench, detonation and deflagration, plasma wind tunnel, supercritical water reactor... Thermal, mechanical, electrical, optical solicitations, etc.

Thermal, mechanical, electrical, optical solicitations, etc.

Examples: Operando and in situ spectroscopies (IR, NMR, Raman...), electrochemical benches, X-ray diffraction (SAXS) in environmental cells

Physico-chemical characterization and intrinsic properties of materials

Examples: Electron microscopies, NMR, nano-indentation, spectroscopic techniques, XPS, XRD, etc.

The combination of cutting-edge experimental facilities coupled with the complementary scientific expertise of academic laboratories in the Centre-Val de Loire region and technological resource centers is a unique asset for overcoming technological challenges and addressing major societal issues.

Understanding the stages of development, aging, and evolution of materials or multimaterials used by companies is crucial and constitutes an essential path for designing new materials with innovative functionalities and their elaboration through sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. This understanding requires a detailed description and multiparametric monitoring (temperature, pressure, mechanical stress, etc.) of the evolution of the (micro)structure, chemical organization, and properties of materials. This necessitates increasingly powerful means of material development, processing, and characterization, involving extreme conditions environments that simulate real conditions of use and aging.

Come and discover the MATEX instrumental park, which provides access to high-tech instruments available for services or collaborations.

Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Explore the instruments in our instrumental park and directly contact an expert to access the identified technique


  • Submit a request corresponding to a specific issue. It will be evaluated by a multidisciplinary group of experts who will provide you with a joint response and may propose a feasibility study or a research collaboration, as appropriate.

A quote or advice on funding mechanisms and platforms (in the case of collaborations) will also be provided.

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