Carbone 4 project

Regeneration of carbonaceous materials to produce "platform" materials that can be used to produce multimaterials.

The aim of the project is to develop activated carbon materials, which are widely used in industry. It proposes to regenerate these porous carbonaceous materials of all types under extreme oxidizing conditions, using photochemical processes and ozonation in the liquid and/or gas phase, without damaging the textural and chemical properties of the adsorbent material.

Le projet Carbone 4 - MATEX
Photochemical process
Le projet Carbone 4 - MATEX
Ozonation process

Recycling, a major challenge

With a view to reducing costs and preserving resources, the recovery of materials at the end of their life cycle is an increasingly sought-after approach. Recycling, or regeneration, of materials is an interesting approach, but one that raises a number of questions, such as the quality of the products obtained afterwards, and the economic sustainability of the process. The proposed processes should enable materials to be regenerated, whatever the porous matrix and whatever the adsorbed molecules, in order to extend their useful life cycle and use them, among other things, as "platform" materials that can be used to develop multimaterials.

Strong industrial ambitions

The aim of this project is to enable the regeneration of used activated carbons for possible multimaterial recycling, by integrating iron or other elements into the porous matrix for multiple applications. The project will focus on developing optimized experimental parameters for the regeneration process and ensuring extrapolation to industrial scale.

Academic laboratories

ICMN – CNRS / University of Orléans


Industrial partner

JACOBI Carbons, Vierzon (18)


319k€ over 3 years

from regional funds (ARD CVL)


Research engineer for 18 months


Benoît Cagnon (ICMN)

Conchi Ania (CEMHTI)