Cell for temperature-controlled analysis of coatings by X-ray scattering

The aim of the project is to create a new instrument for in situ characterization of heterogeneous multimaterials in coatings (multi-component, multi-phase, multi-layer) under extreme conditions. The aim is to design a temperature-controlled cell operating in a vacuum or controlled atmosphere around the multimaterial, adapted to an X-ray scattering measuring instrument (Gi-SAXS/WAXS), which can be transferred to the industrial partner. Coatings, solutions for creating new functionalities or preventing the degradation of solid materials, can thus be studied under real-life conditions.

Projet Cellinsitu - MATEX

Characterizing material ageing

The ageing of materials is a highly-studied industrial and scientific issue, due to the societal challenges it raises in terms of the durability of material functionalities. If these materials are heterogeneous and multi-component, the difficulty of understanding and controlling the mechanisms of evolution becomes even greater. In order to develop these mechanisms, researchers need analysis tools and original experimental developments from Inventer.

Inventing innovative tools

The aim of this project is to extend the range of conditions of GI-SAXS characterization instruments in terms of both temperature and environment (gas, vacuum, atmosphere) conducive to in situ morphological analysis of multicomponent and heterogeneous surfaces or coatings, from the nanometric to the micrometric scale.

Project partner
Academic laboratories

ICMN – CNRS / University of Orléans

Industrial partner

XENOCS, Grenoble (38)


366,7K€ over 3 years

including 227.2K€ from regional funds (ARD CVL)


1 Design Engineer
Srilakshmi Ramalingam

and 1 Master's trainee


Pascal Andreazza pascal.andreazza@univ-orleans.fr