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Metals as decarbonized, recyclable energy carriers


Conference Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30 pm at MOBE in Orléans

Speaker: Fabien Halter, University Professor, ICARE Laboratory, CNRS

The search for sustainable solutions for the production and transport of energy is vital to ensure Europe's leadership in these sectors. Metallic fuels have recently emerged as promising energy carriers that can be integrated into a carbon-free energy cycle.

The conference is organized in collaboration with Centre-sciences, Centre de la culture scientifique, technique et industriel de la région Centre-Val de Loire, as part of the Mardis de la science program.

Fabien HALTER has been a professor at the University of Orléans since 2014, and is also director of a research federation focused on energy. He has coordinated several national and international projects in this field. He has co-authored over 120 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, supervised over 20 PhD students and is a regular guest speaker at national and international conferences.

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