The word heard: 'Entanglement'

The ICMN laboratory (Interfaces, Confinement, Materials, and Nanostructures) is a joint research unit (UMR7374) of the CNRS and the University of Orléans, with activities falling within the field of materials science.

ICMN's activities, situated at the crossroads of several disciplines (physics, chemistry), involve the study of nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, and confined environments, where the high proportion of interfaces and the finite quantity of material give rise to remarkable properties.

The systems studied in the laboratory exhibit a wide variety of forms (nanoparticles, porous media, confined fluids, colloids, multimaterials, self-organized media) and compositions (carbon, metallic alloys, oxides, clays, polymers).

ICMN contributes its expertise to the MATEX program, particularly in the field of design, development, and characterization of nanostructured and/or nanocomposite multimaterials, whose characteristics can be modulated to provide good performance under extreme conditions of use.

Within the MATEX program, ICMN collaborates with several companies (IDI Composites, Kemica, Jacobi, Xenocs, Vermont, Lasalys, DWS) for various applications related to the development of materials that must meet highly demanding usage specifications, surpassing ordinary limits.

We participate in the MATEX Industrial Club, which serves as a very fruitful exchange platform between academic research and the industrial fabric, with the ambition to address scientific and technical challenges that cannot be tackled in a conventional R&D approach conducted solely at the economic actors' level.

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