The MATEX team: Marie-Laure Thurier, scientific mediator for MATEX

Marie-Laure arrived in early May as scientific mediator for the MATEX ARD project at CNRS Orléans. Coming from a research background, she quickly branched out into scientific culture and made it her profession. Passionate about photography, an avid reader of novels and keen to learn, her credo is to highlight people and projects.

Marie-Laure Thurier

With extensive experience in research documentaries with the Science on Tourne ! project, for which she was responsible at Centre-Sciences, Bourges Conurbation Community

she will be keen to use her camera to promote the MATEX project throughout her assignment. Whether it's for the industrial club, the experimental park or research projects, she can provide support for communication and promotion. And for the scientific culture projects planned within the framework of MATEX's CSTI (scientific, technical and industrial culture), she is surrounded by a dynamic and competent team, with the aim of bringing the project to the attention of the general public through relevant actions and means.

Don't hesitate to contact her for all your needs: - 06 01 35 82 43

Exemple de photo prise pour le parc instrumental
Exemple de photo prise pour le parc instrumental

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