Jean-Philippe BLONDEAU, Associate Professor with HDR accreditation at the University of Orléans within the CEMHTI laboratory in Chartres.

His research themes are centered around metallic nanoparticles through various collaborations and projects supported by the Region and Cosmetic Valley.

The objective was to incorporate nanometric metallic aggregates into the glass of light bulbs to modify their coloration. Significant results were achieved regarding amber color by adjusting resonance based on the size, shape, and concentration of the aggregates.

Metallic nanoparticles also show significant interest as light diffusers for thin-film photovoltaic cells. Additionally, this topic is strongly coupled with stained glass, where the silver yellow and copper red technique is widely used. In the course of a project, we aimed to better understand the oxidation-reduction mechanisms leading to neutralization depending on the glass application side of the silver or copper mixture, which, in the case of float glass, has a tin side that is a better reducer than iron.

Following this thematic field, the paints used for stained glass are compounds based on lead silicates. On this aspect, we intend to submit a regional project to explore alternative composition solutions."

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