Martin DEPARDIEU, new industrial representative of the Industrial Club

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the work accomplished during this first year, especially the contribution of Marc Bouchez to the life of the Industrial Club.

As a partner of ARD MATEX since the project's inception, DWS is enthusiastic about representing the industrial sector within the Club for the year 2023.

After witnessing the benefits of Club support from a structure like MBDA last year, I hope that our young startup will bring a fresh perspective while maintaining the dynamism initiated last year. The work done since the launch of MATEX is bearing fruit, as collaborations between industrial partners and academic counterparts are already numerous, and new ones will continue to be added through ongoing dialogues.

With this in mind, I would now like to see our meetings evolve and strive to become less formal settings, encouraging more direct and frequent discussions among Club members that generate common projects. Similarly, I agree with the board members that it would be fruitful to involve our younger collaborators, especially the doctoral and post-doctoral researchers working on our respective projects, to gain new perspectives.

These changes can take various forms, and the board is already working on organizing the next meeting, which will incorporate these elements to test a new format. Hoping that it will meet your satisfaction and that we will see many of you there, I look forward to seeing you soon."

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