Focus on a Partner: CRESITT Industrie

CRESITT Industrie is a Technological Resource Center (CRT) specialized in electronics, located in Orléans.

We support companies and laboratories in projects involving electronics to:

Integrate technological innovations into electronic systems

Optimize their communication and security

Validate products in EMC & RF

With its team of engineers and PhDs, and its measurement platform, CRESITT Industrie can advise and guide you on the integration of these different emerging technologies through expertise, studies, complete realizations, or pre-qualification tests.

Our areas of expertise include:

·       Communicating and secure systems

·       Embedded electronics

·       Power electronics

·       Sensors and signal processing

·       RF / EMC measurements, tests, and validation Pre-qualification EMC and RED directive for CE marking

·       Autonomous systems

·       Instrumentation

·       Design, integration, and adaptation of RF antennas

CRESITT Industrie is ISO9001 certified and COFRAC accredited. These labels ensure quality, professionalism, and confidentiality. We are also approved for Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII). CRESITT is pleased to participate in ARD MATEX as a relay and facilitator to convey industrial needs.

Furthermore, our measurement platform allows us to conduct tests on the resistance and reliability of systems to electromagnetic disturbances.

This platform enables CRESITT to intervene in more upstream aspects of communication systems, advise and train industrial partners, especially in short or long-distance radiofrequency technologies, antenna measurement and simulation, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

This project is, therefore, a great opportunity to develop new products:

·       By using multi-materials, for example, by integrating antennas or electronic functionalities inside objects/mechanical parts (plastics, polymers, metal)

·       By making them more resistant to extreme conditions to find new opportunities

·       By making them more durable, reliable, and recyclable, to meet sustainable development goals."

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