Focus on a manufacturer: EFJM

Since its origins in 1967, EFJM is a French company whose activities have been rooted in the field of high-tech elastomers.

Our skills in this field cover formulation, mechanical design and molding. Applications include dynamic sealing and technologies for damping and filtering vibratory disturbances. These technologies are mainly used in food packaging machinery, naval armaments, aeronautics and space. Our skills in the formulation of specific rubbers, combined with our ability to design and develop industrially viable systems, enable us to deliver precisely executed solutions.

We research, develop and manufacture systems for high-performance fluid sealing and vibration filtration applications in hostile service conditions.

Backed by our know-how, our references and our recognized R&D capabilities, our development strategy is resolutely geared towards innovation and the development of new, differentiating products. Our main performance targets include elastomers for extreme conditions, elastomer bonding and intelligent elastomers, with the aim of improving wear resistance in extreme conditions, multi-factor ageing figures, limiting in-service and out-of-service impacts on the surrounding environment, as well as a regulatory framework that is narrowing the range of usable products.

These concerns are directly in line with the objectives of the MATEX program in which we participate, and for which we have developed applications such as PLASMA technology for adhesion, and self-sensing materials.

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