Focus on a laboratory: CEMHTI

CEMHTI aims to understand the physico-chemical properties of materials under extreme conditions by providing a better description of their structures at the atomic scale, both in solid and molten states, using in situ analysis tools at varying temperatures.

The laboratory develops international expertise and original tools, such as:

  • High-resolution and high-temperature spectroscopies (up to 2700°C),
  • Non-contact aerodynamic levitation for molten media,
  • Particle accelerators and defect analysis.

Jean-Philippe BLONDEAU explains his research focus within CEMHTI:

"I conduct my research within the DEFIR team (Defects, Impurities, and Radiotracers) on the growth of metallic nanoparticles within and on glass substrates for applications in innovative coloring and optics, particularly for photovoltaics. These novel properties are linked to the nanoscale nature of these nanoparticles."

These topics have been funded by the Centre-Val de Loire region as part of research projects: ContVerrCol (Glass coloring and anti-counterfeiting devices) and ARPPCM (Improvement of the efficiency of thin-film photovoltaic panels).

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